International Projects


Vindobona (30 MW), Nayón (7 MW) and Batán (7MW) hydroelectric power plants

Client: EMAPS Quito

Description of works executed:

  • Pre-feasibility and feasibility designs.
  • Energy and power study.
  • Preparation of costs and budgets.
  • Design for construction of civil works and access roads.


Salto Grande and Siempre Viva hydroelectric power plants of the Hemco mine in the municipality of Bonanza

Client: HEMCO

Description of works executed:

  • Formulation of an integrated investment master plan to optimize the energy generation and transmission systems. 
  • Load and demand study (Supply-Consumption Balancing).
  • Stress profile study.
  • Hydraulic efficiency improvement.
  • Transmission efficiency.
  • Load shedding study.
  • Study of planning and operation of generation system.
  • Energy efficiency study.


Aguayo II hydroelectric plant


Description of works executed:

  • Revision of static hydraulic and internal and external pressure calculation.
  • Revision of diameter and optimum thickness of the pipe.
  • Revision of structural calculations.