Services Provision

PI EPSILON provides engineering consulting services, especially studies and designs for infrastructure projects in various stages and with different characteristics. We work to provide professional and reliable services in each project undertaken for our clients.

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Development stages

PI EPSILON executes infrastructure studies and designs during all the development stages, as detailed below: + -

  • Identification
  • Prefeasibility
  • Feasibility
  • Design for Tender
  • Final Design for Construction

Study and Design Services

PI EPSILON provides engineering services related to studies and designs, as detailed below: + -

  • Project Identification
  • Environmental Studies
  • Study Permits Management
  • Environmental Diagnosis of Alternatives
  • Environmental Impact Assessment, EIA
  • Environmental License Management
  • Risk Studies
  • Due Diligence: Technical, Economic, Financial
  • Structural Studies and Designs
  • Seismicity and Seismic Vulnerability Studies
  • Hydrological, Hydraulic and Sanitary Studies and Designs
  • Hydrogeological Studies
  • Audits: Technical, Economic, Financial
  • Electrical Studies and Designs
  • Connection Studies
  • Mechanical Studies and Designs
  • Economic and Financial Studies
  • Transmission Line Studies
  • Industrial Building Studies and Designs
  •  BIM 3.1 Modeling  – in the areas of civil, electrical, mechanical and ground  engineering.



Consulting Services

This service is provided during works construction. Its purpose is to validate or modify the designs made, based on the actual conditions found on the ground. + -

Environmental Services

• Study Permits Management. + -

  • Environmental Diagnosis of Alternatives
  • Environmental Impact Assessment, EIA.
  • Support  during Licensing Process

 Pi Epsilon can develop the components detailed below for each of these studies:

  • Abiotic Environment
  • Biotic Environment
  • Socioeconomic Environment

Audit and Technical Inspection Services

The Technical Audit Service consists of inspecting and verifying the technical, economic and financial advances of projects, in accordance with the previously established execution schedules. + -

Technical Inspection consists of verifying compliance with protocols, procedures and other requirements for the correct execution of works, commissioned by the investors.

Technical and Environmental Structuring

Technical and Environmental Structuring of small and medium scale hydroelectric and solar power generation projects. + -

BIM Implementation

PI EPSILON decided in the  second semester of 2019 to implement BIM for the design of the infrastructure projects it develops.

BIM is transversal to all areas of the company, that is, PI EPSILON is a BIM company, it is not a company with a BIM area.


This implementation focused on the three strategies detailed:

  • Equipment Renewal (Hardware)
  • License Acquisition (Software)
  • Staff Training

It is highlighted that one of the differentiating strategies in the implementation of the BIM in PI EPSILON, is that it was done for all the technical personnel of the company. This enabled a continuous flow of designs, without the delays that occur when the BIM area is separate in the organization.

Initially, a company state diagnosis in terms of the development of designs was conducted for the BIM implementation. Simultaneously, the methodology was applied in a pilot project that enabled establishing the bases for the general development of the methodology.

There are several dimensions in development and implementation of BIM. Pi Epsilon is in the 3D dimension. It has a three-dimensional digital model that provides related documentation, with minimal work in 2D CAD tools. This implies optimized design and minimized interferences between the different works components: structural, architectural, plumbing networks, electrical networks, and mechanical systems.

PI EPSILON is able to implement BIM until reaching the 4D and 5D dimensions, related to programming, budgeting, and “digital twin” development,  for monitoring during project construction and operations.


Alongside with its ability to advance project designs through BIM, PI EPSILON is able to provide BIM model revision and validation services, coordinating different specialties involved in projects under the responsibility of clients or other engineering companies.